A Detailed List of Office Cleaning Procedures

Entrance Doors & Glass

Our cleaning staff will wash your entrance doors in & out during each visit. Entrance vestibule will be checked for cobwebs, flat surfaces will be wiped as needed. We will vacuum walk-off mats, straighten pictures, wipe walls & sweep/wash floors. It’s important for your entrance to be clean, fresh and make a great first impression on your guests.

Reception & Waiting Areas

We understand the importance of these first impression areas. Each visit we will clean reception glass if applicable. All counters & flat surfaces will be cleaned and sanitized with a mild disinfectant. Your waiting area will be wiped thoroughly including chairs as needed. We will straighten magazines, vacuum carpet, sweep/wash floors and remove trash. If there’s a kitchenette or coffee area, we will clean it.

General Office Areas

If you prefer to have the desks & personal workstations cleaned, we can do it. Some companies choose to do this task themselves. Standard service includes wiping all common area surfaces, phones & office equipment a minimum of once per week. Read more about dusting

We will remove all trash & recycled items and dispose to your onsite dumpster. We will change can liners and wash trash cans as needed. Each visit we will vacuum all carpeted areas including walk-off mats. Hard floor surfaces will be dust mopped and washed. Additional floor maintenance such as strip/finish and buffing is available.

As we spend time cleaning your general office areas, we will look for cobwebs, dirty light switches, interior glass partitions etc. Anything we can clean to make things look better.

Executive Office Areas

We understand the importance and level of detail required for executive offices. Each visit, we will pay extra attention to these areas. We are available to clean kitchenettes, private restrooms with showers, coffee areas, etc.


Each visit we will clean & sanitize your restrooms. We start at the top making sure the tops of partitions are clean, mirrors wiped and walls washed as needed. All fixtures are cleaned and polished. We will refill your hand soap and paper products as needed. Urinals & toilets will be cleaned in & out and wiped all the way to the floor. The use of an automatic touch-free restroom cleaning system is available for larger accounts. Read More

Cafeteria & Break Areas

Standard service includes wiping all sinks, counters, appliances, and cupboards. Tables & chairs will be wiped, floors swept & washed. All trash receptacles will be changed and washed as needed. Walls in coffee areas and around trash receptacles will be washed as needed.

Stairwells, Hallways & Common Areas

Stairs will be cleaned as needed including handrails. Elevators will be cleaned and polished each visit. We will wipe the flat surfaces in all common areas on a schedule to ensure they are dust free.

Conference Rooms

Conference rooms will be cleaned each visit. Chairs will be wiped off and straightened after the carpet is vacuumed. All flat surfaces & kitchenette areas will be wiped over.


During each cleaning visit, we will note any irregularities and report them to theĀ building management. After each visit we will turn off lights, secure required areas and set alarm if needed. We normally provide all of our own cleaning products & equipment. If you require certain cleaning products to be used then we can accommodate.