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Office Cleaning & Dusting

Every client that we provide cleaning services in Albany for has their own preference when it comes to dusting the office. While dusting the common areas is pretty much the norm, some people do not want their desks or personal workspaces touched. That’s understandable of course and we can accommodate either way.

Common areas in a building should be dusted/wiped with a treated cloth at least once a week. We all know that feather dusters do not work well for cleaning. We have found that the Swiffer duster works well for the cleaning of office equipment, screens and other areas that should not be wiped.

We also like to include the cleaning of office equipment & telephone at least once a week. In this case, we use a treated cloth and a mild cleaning solution. We never spray equipment, only the cloth that will be used to clean it. Paper towels work as well.

Other areas that should be dusted on a regular basis:

  • Window blinds
  • Pictures
  • Wall molding/chair rails
  • Lower ledges
  • Bottoms of chairs
  • Sides of cabinets & desks
  • Fire extinguishers & other safety equipment that may be mounted on a wall
  • Tops of file cabinets, cubicles & wall partitions
  • Anything flat that will collect dust

Keeping your office & facility free of dust is important for health reasons as well, not just for appearance. Some people (including me) are allergic to dust. Can you believe that a guy who owns a cleaning service is allergic to dust? it’s true!

If you have an office or facility in Albany NY that needs cleaning, please schedule an estimate here.