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Our Approach to Restroom Cleaning

Restroom cleaning is an extremely important part of any commercial cleaning program. It’s not enough for the restrooms to look clean, the must be sanitary as well. We are sometimes asked about our normal cleaning procedures. This post is to give you a general idea of how we clean restrooms for our clients.

We do not use washable towels, restrooms are cleaned with paper towels.

  1. Check all areas for cobwebs.
  2. Wipe ceiling/wall air vents as needed with a minimum of once per week.
  3. Wipe tops of partitions & light fixtures once per week.
  4. Spray mirror with glass cleaner, wipe & polish dry.
  5. Spray sinks, faucets & surrounding walls with restroom disinfectant. Wipe & polish dry.
  6. Refill hand soap, paper towels & toilet paper dispensers. Wipe dispensers daily.
  7. Remove trash & sanitary items, replace liners each visit.
  8. Pour toilet bowl cleaner inside toilets & urinals, scrub with a toilet brush.
  9. Spray outside of toilet/urinal with restroom disinfectant. Wipe & polish dry top to bottom, all the way to the floor.
  10. Wash partitions as needed.
  11. Sweep & wash floor.
  12. Wipe door handles with disinfectant.
  13. Pour water into floor drains if needed.

For larger restrooms, a touchless restroom cleaner will be used.