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Scott Gibbens – Founder

One of my first real jobs was working for a large cleaning service when I was in tenth grade. I remember working in a large facility with 4 other cleaners and 2 supervisors.

It was surprising to me that most of the staff would only do the basics, enough to get by and go home. It seemed like every few weeks there was a new face, I knew there had to be a better way.

One year after I finished high school, I was still doing part-time cleaning and had the chance to take a few contracts on my own. With no formal training, I worked hard and built the business step by step.

We had many different services including carpet cleaning and home cleaning but the best business was always commercial cleaning.

In 1999, we decided to focus exclusively on commercial cleaning. We opened a small office and launched a marketing campaign. Today, as we continue to grow, my greatest passion is to provide quality service, while giving people the opportunity to share ownership in my business. 

We are proud to provide commercial cleaning services in Albany, NY and the surrounding areas.