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image of flowerIs it spring yet? Officially the answer is yes, but it doesn’t quite feel like it yet. Don’t worry – the warm weather is coming soon! Everyone knows about spring cleaning, but do you have a plan for it?

Here are a few ideas for spring cleaning at your office or commercial building:

  • Clean windows in & out
  • Wipe blinds
  • Deep clean and extract carpeted areas
  • Strip and finish tile floors
  • Clean baseboards and bottoms of chairs
  • Wash chair mats
  • Wipe air vents
  • Deep clean and extract fabric furniture

Your cleaning service may need to charge extra for these services depending on what is in your contract. It’s important to communicate with your cleaning service to let them know exactly what you expect for the spring cleaning at your office.

Please consider us for your commercial cleaning needs. We proudly serve the Albany, NY & surrounding areas. Happy Spring!!