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Most commercial cleaning services operate after hours, people go home and we come in to clean. There are many advantages to cleaning a building when no one is around.

  • No worries about slip/fall accidents on wet floors
  • Noise from vacuuming does not disrupt the office
  • Cleaning the restrooms during the day requires them to be closed
  • No disrupting people to empty their trash/recycling

Cleaning after hours is always our first choice, but we understand that it’s not always an option. There are many types of businesses that cannot allow people in the building after hours. There are other facilities that are open 24/7 and people will be there no matter what time it is.

If a client requires daytime cleaning, we will do our best to accommodate. It takes a special person to clean around others and not be disruptive. Someone who is great at cleaning but is not used to working around people might not be the best fit.

Our ideal daytime cleaner:

  • Well groomed & mindful of others in the work environment
  • Not overly friendly and talkative
  • Always safety conscious with supplies & procedures
  • Knows how to maneuver efficiently around people

If you need daytime janitorial service in the Albany or surrounding area, please schedule an estimate or give us a call. 518 618 1296