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Cluttered and dirty breakroom refrigerators can make anyone lose their appetite. But did you know that your Commercial Cleaning Service can perform this dirty task? While most cleaning contracts don’t include periodically cleaning the inside of the break room refrigerator, if asked, your cleaning company will perform this task at an additional fee. With four simple steps, your Office Administrator can ensure a successful cleanout:

  1. Ask Cleaners:  Ask your contractor to clean the inside of the refrigerator on a specified date at least a week in advance. Fridays are typically a good date for a cleanout. Be sure to inquire about the additional charge for this extra service.
  2. Inform Staff:  Email all staff at the beginning of the week, typically all on Monday about the refrigerator clean out that will take place on Friday the same week. Make sure you mention that ALL items should be removed.
  3. Remind: Post a note on the refrigerator door about the upcoming clean out.
  4. Follow Up: Around mid-day of the cleanout send a follow-up reminder for staff to remove all items from the refrigerator today.

In the end, you will have a clean and inviting refrigerator. Depending on how many people on staff use the refrigerator, you may want to consider planning a periodic cleaning a few times per year as needed.